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Compact and cost-effective benchtop instrument for accurate measurements

The compact 110 is one of the most powerful, versatile and affordable compact spectrophotometers you can buy.

  • Accurately measure color with this affordable full spectrophotometer

  • Full spectral data gives the complete view of your color for both matching and QC applications

  • Reduce mistakes with the simple and easy to use operation

  • Small footprint single aperture device for easy use

  • Spherical design and automatic spec port allow full gloss compensation calculations

  • Exceptionally small USAV aperture available for measuring tiny samples. SAV and LAV apertures also available

  • 256 dual diode array provides phenomenal spectral resolution

  • Unique, ergonomic, sturdy double sample viewing door makes aligning samples simple


A Spectrum member

The Datacolor 110™ can be used with our complete line of SPECTRUM™ solutions, from paint color matching to quality control and formulation in a wide range of industries


Includes all the measurement features necessary for color matching, correction and quality control in virtually any environment – from the lab, to the manufacturing floor, to the retail store

SP2000 technology

Exclusive SP2000 technology that delivers 8 to 16 times the optical resolution of most competitive instruments


A rugged and dependable benchtop instrument that is small enough for virtually any workspace



Instrument Type

Dual beam integrating sphere with xenon flash lamp

Measuring Geometry

Diffuse illumination, 8° viewing in conformance with CIE publication No. 15.2 Colorimetry

Illumination Source

Pulsed xenon, filtered to approximate D65

Spectral Analyzer

Proprietary SP 2000 analyzer with dual 256-diode array and highresolution holographic grating

Wavelength Range

400-700 nm

Effective Bandwidth

10 nm

Wavelength Resolution

2 nm

Photometric Range

0 to 200%

Photometric Resolution


Aperture Configuration

Large Area View: 22 mm

Small Area View: 9 mm

Ultra-Small Area View: 6.5 mm


100 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 60 VA

Performance – Repeatability*

0.05 CIELAB E on white ceramic

Performance – Reproducibility*

0.2 CIELAB E average of 12 BCRA tiles

Absolute Operating Environment

5° to 40° C, 20-85% RH, non-condensing


RS232 9600/19200 baud USB


1-year parts and labor - Extended warranty available


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